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Core3dcentres, powered by the open health group, supply digital 
solutions in manufacturing to laboratories in 15 countries from 7 sites.

Over 500 Dental Labs Have Chosen To Work With Us Globally! 
Join our Global Network and Grow with Us! 
Get Complete Control and Flexibility from Core3dcentres.

Join our unique capabilities, brand and market position to grow the
profitability of your lab by combining your expertise and client 
relationships with our state-of-the-art open technology platform 
and supplier relationships.

  • Stay on the leading edge of technology with open architecture
  • Reduce investment risk
  • Shorten the learning curve
  • Reduce fixed and variable costs and labor
  • Improve customer service and patient satisfaction
  • Maximize growth and profits

Provide your clients with access to ALL the leading brands: IPS e.max®, 
ZenoTec®, LAVA™, BruxZir® and our own Core™ range
of products. The Core™ range allowed us to expand our digital 
product range to our own brand of Zirconia with an expanded range 
of indications including Implant abutments and Core Resin. We have 
also increased our customer support structure with the introduction 
of the Core3dcentres Base marketing package and sales tools.

In 2013 Core3dcentres will introduce many more products and 
systems to allow you to prosper in the digital age without the need for 
expensive outlays and new skill sets.

Why not join our growing network of customers who have control 
of their design and the support of our team by purchasing a scanner. Discover the difference that Core3dcentres can make to your business!